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Hi, I'm Claire and The Secret Garden came about because I love flowers. 

The end.

Jokes aside, there is so much variety out there when it comes to flowers; I want to push the boundaries of your "typical" florist by offering unstructured and simplistic floral designs which showcase seasonal flowers - so you won't be seeing any gerberas here. Sorry.

Flowers are often seen as a luxury or only for special occasions, but screw that! I want people to see it doesn't have to cost you a fortune to have a nice bunch of flowers to brighten yours/someone else's day. 

Here's how it works: I'll be offering the same selection of seasonal flowers in three different sized bunches each weekday. I'll post a picture of a posy-sized bunch to Facebook/Instagram the night before so you can see the goods before you order which size you'd like. Bunches are available for pre-order and same day orders (or until sold out, obvs) and will be delivered between 9am-5pm unless other specified.

I've also got a great selection of locally grown indoor plants and kokedamas for the non-flower type (it's true, they exist!).